The Doomsdays have Come !

Yes, these days, coupled with Covid-19, lightnings with Thunder is a New Threat for one and all, in the villages, suburban and metropolitan areas alike !

Death strikes in the form of high flash with deafening sounds of thunder. All on a sudden ! It was in the afternoon It was raining heavily. No sounds of thunder was there. Suddenly a huge sound with flash happened and the Inverter sounded alarm as it was struck and gone out of order !

Every time there is Dark cloud and rain we have to disconnect all the plugs off from TV, Water Purifier, Fridge, Desktops and Inverter and so on !

Environmentalists have agenda, the scientists have mandates not related to their research priorities.

Researchers and scientists are actually wage-earners !

There is absolutely lacking in research policies, which are made in AC rooms, totally unreal, futile, based on funding probabilities !

Populist policies steal the shows !


Why Are We Losing our Natural Resources?

Why are we Losing our Natural Resources?

It is nothing new to all of us! But still, we are indifferent! Why? Because we are trying to create more happiness for ourselves and neglecting our Nature, Species, and surroundings? Days will come when we will not get our valuable resources even with a higher price! What if we lose our fish species, which has been a great delicacy for centuries?

For example, the Raikhor fish species of the Balurghat region of West Bengal is facing a great threat today! Another such species is Dhanshuley fish species in the western part of West Bengal, which was found in sufficient quantities in the paddy fields just 50 years back. But now that is just unavailable today there!


A Tug-of-War between Plant and Man

Yes, it is a Tug-of-War between Plant and Man !




How to Irrigate and Fertilize Tomato plants

How to Irrigate and Fertilize Tomato plants:

Growing Tomatoes Water newly planted tomatoes until the top 6 inches of soil feels moist Irrigate the tomatoes one to two times weekly to maintain the moisture in the top 6 inches of soil. During wet, rainy weather the plants may not require supplemental irrigation. Mulch conserves soil moisture so the tomato roots near the […]

Just Throw the Seeds out to Germinate!

Just Throw the Seeds out to Germinate! We eat some fruits. Just throw the seeds out to a place where they can germinate and grow into trees in this favorable rainy season!

Just throw the seeds in a place where they can not be grazed or damaged so easily! Such as in a place where other herbs and shrubs are there naturally to protect from being grazed!

Throw and Grow(Courtesy: Seedballskenya.com)

There are certain trees like date palm whose seeds can easily take roots and whose seedlings are very difficult to destroy!

Youth Red Cross Volunteers, Seed Bombs, Western Ghats, India, in simplicity.in

This Rainy Season We have to Plant!

This Rainy Season we have to Plant. Plant trees, sow seeds, Spread seeds! Every one of us must Act now! Because we will not get such a favorable situation throughout the year again!

So let us utilize this short time now! Now or never is the time to do this!

Save the Planet. Do your bit! Make your Plan Actionable! Take Action, Save Mother Earth! You will not get another Planet like the one we live in!

Aren’t You Seeing What is Happening Around You?

Being Man, we/you are meant to be more sensitive to our/your surroundings than the animals. But somehow we seem to have lost that sensitivity! So many drastic changes we are seeing every day! Everyday Nature shows some symptoms that it is not Normal as yesterday it has been!

We are not seeing the happenings for which we ourselves are to be blamed! It seems like nothing spurs us to action!

Yesterday Indian newspapers were filled with important news that showed dangerous landslides and hilly roads faced with strong streams of water. It is as if these have become New Normal to us! We just forget the other day all about these!

The road from Mestia to Zugdidi was blocked by a rockfall. The road from Mestia to Zugdidi was blocked by a rockfall. Local Georgian road services are clearing the road. People are watching the progress of road works. Samegrelo Zemo-Svaneti, Georgia 9.03.2018 landslide stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Of course, another human factor is there. That is unplanned development. What is Development? When you don’t take the ecology factor into consideration, can it be termed as Development? We have examples throughout the world. Another is Nuclear arsenals!

The race within the Human Race is unique! It delimits us within a country, community, religiosity and we head towards disaster racing among ourselves!

Now and just today I see what makes your heart tremble with fear?

We Need to be Alert When the Days are Cool !

We need to alert when it is cool altogether! The stormy days can repeat again! They may be gathering more strength. So be cautious and don’t stop your preparations for the disastrous days that might be looming large in the very near future!

You see the temperatures fluctuating more frequently. Who can say that this won’t give rise to forming an eye in the centre and a supercyclone will be appearing?

car on body of water

The Bottonline is :: Plant Trees around the year !

Save the saplings. They will Save you !

Remember the ferocity and try to cool the ferocity of Nature just by giving her due, back in the form of planting more and more trees.

low angle photography of trees at daytime

Trees nurture you, feed you, and save you from disasters! You use trees every moment. Give back their dues every now and then!

Where there is a Will, there is a Way!

The proverb goes that where there is a will there is a way! That is absolutely correct! A resident of an absolutely different climatic zone of West Bengal, India has cultivated Tea, which is astonishing to the agricultural experts!

Mr. Debnath Swarnakar, a non-tech in agriculture, went to Darjeeling for sheer traveling and cherished the idea to raise tea in his backyard. He just carried thirty tea cuttings from Darjeeling to Durgapur.

He was mocked up by his friends for this. But after ten years of hard work he has established his Tea Garden! Now he is asking for Govt. help to grow tea over a larger area!

Every day there is Some Incident for Climate Change!

Every day there is some kind of news related to global warming and climate change here and there throughout the world! This time it is Kashmir, after Uttara Khand.

কাশ্মীরের গ্রামে মেঘভাঙা বৃষ্টি।
Cloudburst Rainfall at A Remote Village in Kashmir!

This is highly devastating because heavy rainfall in a mountainous region can wash away everything. No region is safe starting from hot and humid plains to hot and arid desert!

Cliamte change is a universal problem facingumanity today. Let us fight it together locally and globally. This is high time. Let us plant trees. Each one Plant one, at least. Plant for ourselves so that we can assure supply of oxygen for ourselves. Let us promulgate law. Let every one of us be accountable!

It is not enough to include this in school syllabus. All the children of the preset generation are well-aware. The school authorities must assign this as Hometask for Practicals and Projects. The Civic authorities will have to look after whether its citizens are obeying this practice or not. Let the Parliaments and all Heads of States initiate Bills and enforce Laws regarding this !

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