Great Loss in Biodiversity

Great Loss in Biodiversity

Use of chemicals in agriculture has led to a great loss in biodiversity without any pinch of doubt ! My mind lives in those golden days, what I saw in my childhood days ! The cacophony of so-called modern world has outpaced the serene pristine world where peace, happiness and tranquility prevails over the world of fast hefty competitiveness and consumerism. Where we are have yielded before a lifeless mechanical chemical-dependent system which ruthlessly neglects the very near and far future in its fragile target to assure the food need of today and tomorrow only, not beyond that. And that food is vitiated, polluted, poisoned, not nourishment in true sense !

The present agriculture production system brazenly defies the very basis of integrative bio-social ecology. The chemicals we use are , as we think, are target-specific, which they are not when it comes to their effect on actual field. Another problem is that we are not applying the package of practices of crop rearing completely, we are following partially. The farmers are at a receiving end. They can not decide on their own, they are administered. They are motivated by others. The package is not applied. Only a part or some part of the package is applied. They are advised to apply a package, but they apply the part which produce visible outcome. That ‘visible’ outcome is just a mirage, not true.

The crops consume Nitrogenous fertilizers in luxury mode. Like fast food. The leaves and stems becoming deep green, hyper-healthy looking, but tender and sappy attracting and falling easy prey to disease and pest attack. The plants are not on a ‘balanced diet’ when they are fed only with nitrogenous fertilizers, namely urea. Yes, urea is easily available, easy to buy and carry and apply and the crops jump up, but like a diabetic become vulnerable, immuno-deficient, less or lack of immunity! Because the diet is not wholesome, it is ‘partial’, with lackings in Potash, Phosphate and other macro and micronutrients as the farmers have not applied organic manures and phosphate and potassic fertilizers!

You are not applying the organic manure, phosphate and potash. So the foundation is sure to be a weak one. Then applying excessive urea over it makes the plants fragile, vulnerable. In case of deficiency symptoms we prescribe micronutrient and hormone therapy available in the market in attractive packages and plastic bottles that are company-made and sometimes from unmonitored local and regional mushrooming enterprises.




Published by T K Mandal

The author is an ardent follower and believer of Nature and Yoga practices. Yoga can work miracles and a Cure-All for all physical and mental diseases, yes , at any age, I assure you !

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