Why Are We Losing our Natural Resources?

Why are we Losing our Natural Resources? It is nothing new to all of us! But still, we are indifferent! Why? Because we are trying to create more happiness for ourselves and neglecting our Nature, Species, and surroundings? Days will come when we will not get our valuable resources even with a higher price! WhatContinue reading “Why Are We Losing our Natural Resources?”

A Tug-of-War between Plant and Man

Yes, it is a Tug-of-War between Plant and Man ! https://www.anandabazar.com/world/war-of-walnut-tree-mother-faces-for-cutting-brunches-although-it-could-kill-her-child-dgtl-photogallery/cid/1295233 https://www.anandabazar.com/world/war-of-walnut-tree-mother-faces-for-cutting-brunches-although-it-could-kill-her-child-dgtl-photogallery/cid/1295233 https://www.anandabazar.com/world/war-of-walnut-tree-mother-faces-for-cutting-brunches-although-it-could-kill-her-child-dgtl-photogallery/cid/1295233https://www.anandabazar.com/world/war-of-walnut-tree-mother-faces-for-cutting-brunches-although-it-could-kill-her-child-dgtl-photogallery/cid/1295233

Just Throw the Seeds out to Germinate!

Just Throw the Seeds out to Germinate! We eat some fruits. Just throw the seeds out to a place where they can germinate and grow into trees in this favorable rainy season! Just throw the seeds in a place where they can not be grazed or damaged so easily! Such as in a place whereContinue reading “Just Throw the Seeds out to Germinate!”

This Rainy Season We have to Plant!

This Rainy Season we have to Plant. Plant trees, sow seeds, Spread seeds! Every one of us must Act now! Because we will not get such a favorable situation throughout the year again! So let us utilize this short time now! Now or never is the time to do this! Save the Planet. Do yourContinue reading “This Rainy Season We have to Plant!”

Aren’t You Seeing What is Happening Around You?

Being Man, we/you are meant to be more sensitive to our/your surroundings than the animals. But somehow we seem to have lost that sensitivity! So many drastic changes we are seeing every day! Everyday Nature shows some symptoms that it is not Normal as yesterday it has been! We are not seeing the happenings forContinue reading “Aren’t You Seeing What is Happening Around You?”

We Need to be Alert When the Days are Cool !

We need to alert when it is cool altogether! The stormy days can repeat again! They may be gathering more strength. So be cautious and don’t stop your preparations for the disastrous days that might be looming large in the very near future! You see the temperatures fluctuating more frequently. Who can say that thisContinue reading “We Need to be Alert When the Days are Cool !”

Where there is a Will, there is a Way!

The proverb goes that where there is a will there is a way! That is absolutely correct! A resident of an absolutely different climatic zone of West Bengal, India has cultivated Tea, which is astonishing to the agricultural experts! Mr. Debnath Swarnakar, a non-tech in agriculture, went to Darjeeling for sheer traveling and cherished theContinue reading “Where there is a Will, there is a Way!”

Every day there is Some Incident for Climate Change!

Every day there is some kind of news related to global warming and climate change here and there throughout the world! This time it is Kashmir, after Uttara Khand. This is highly devastating because heavy rainfall in a mountainous region can wash away everything. No region is safe starting from hot and humid plains toContinue reading “Every day there is Some Incident for Climate Change!”