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Hi, I’m the One & Only Admin of Serene Pristine Unforgettable Agriculture. Please Donate to Leverage Action to Combat Climate Change, Foster Sustainable Farming & Minimize Climate Change Impacts. It Includes Tree Plantation, Alternative Eco-Friendly Technology Applications & Applying High-End Cuttings-Edge Sophisticated & Safe Technology Regime & Motivating Governments to Use Robotics, Missile n Space Technologies to Fight Tornedoes & Super Cyclones ! All these are threatening our Existence on Earth !

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Hi, I’m TapanKumar. I’m an Agricultural Extension Specialist ! I’m Worried on the Way Our Mom Nature’s Health is Deteriorating Fast. If We do not Act Right Now, We will have no ways but only to Repent and Regret Later ! I Call upon You as the Most Responsible Citizen of the World to Donate for the Great Cause ! It all Depends on You to What Extent I can Fulfill my Missions, Our Missions ! Read more

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