Elephants are Intruding on Human Inhabitants Due to Diminishing Forest Cover!

Elephants are intruding on human inhabitants because they are not getting enough forest cover and enough food for their survival. They are therefore competing with the humans for food and shelter. A rivalry between them is happening for a long time back.

It is more prevalent in the forest fringe areas. A tragic incident took place in Assam yesterday where a young man was killed.


We are Seeing a Lot of Reversals All Around the Globe on Climatic Fronts!

Almost every day newspapers are publishing news that relates to climatic reversals all around the globe! This is quite expected and/or unexpected! What can we say?

Woman in Pink Dress Standing on Foggy Environment
Courtesy to Rian Ardiansyah for Image (Pexels)

This is expected because we have allowed so many deviations to take place. We have burned fossil fuels unabated! We have not utilized our conventional sources of energy. We are nearing a shortage of coal, natural oil, and gas as predicted by scientists long back. But we have not cared!

Yellow Flowers in Tilt Shift Lens

Courtesy to Ivan Samkov for Image (Pexels)

PS: I am Tired of Showing images of natural hazards. So I show here images of Beauty and Happiness!

Small Fishes Facing Extinction as Usual !

Small Fishes Facing Extinction as Usual ! And we are sleeping over the issue as usual. We are aware. But we have to act now. Otherwise our taste buds will rue for these tasty small fries for ever and ever ?

Small Fishes Facing Extinction as Usual !

Photo of Pile Of Fish

Right now we have to buy these small fishes with huge price ! These are more expensive than the bigger ones like Catla, Ruhu, Mrigels.

Woman Sitting Near Fishes And Basins
Small fishes : Way to Extinction of Delicacies !

Use of Eco-Friendly Technologies

Use of Eco-Friendly Technologies has just become a cliché ! From thirty years back we are hearing that fossil fuel reserves are diminishing to the level that will be sufficient for only thirty years only !

We are still not serious enough to use ‘convectional sources’ of energy ! And the net result is steadily increasing global warming spiral !

How long will we wait to see ever-increasing natural disasters around the world ! The Cloudbursts, Heat Tombs, Daily deaths duo to lightning strikes, to refer a few. Tornedoes are making inroads in newer and newer areas !

Super-cyclones have become a go of the day ! Nowadays they are not having an ‘Eye’ ! Strange happening will increase with every passing day !

Won’t we be alert ! When we will be responsible !

Whatever you do, please don’t try to protect Nature. No. You need not ! Because Nature will protect herself on her own ! But we have to ‘Pay’ for that ! And that will be ‘unimaginable’ and ‘horrendous’ !

Why Such Reluctance to Utilize Natural Energy Resources ?

Why are we so reluctant to utilize the most easily available sources/resources of energy ? I don’t want to blame all, but this is the overall situation.

This is the high time for the people and Governments to utilize the natural resources to produce solar, wind power and the like. Instead of that we are burning fossil fuel resources that can be suicidal !

low, angle photograph, dark, cloudy, sky, thunderstorm, clouds, flashes, thundercloud, storm

We are experiencing a lot of events indicating the threats we are braced up for, like recurrent tornadoes, twisters, typhoons in newer sea areas, cloudbursts, snowfalls in newer areas and so on !

Reversal of climate situations is being witnessed in huge number of places and also being reported in newspapers, but Governments are paying deaf ears to them, people are also becoming immune to such scenarios !

There is no space for reluctance. We must rise to the occasions and act right now. The future is ours. We must act now. Unitedly throughout the globe !

Should we hope for the better ? Let us hope, let us take necessary steps. Let us save humanity !

Nature will Recover herself, but let us not wait for that. Let us take actions for the Nature to help her Recover from the ‘shocks’ as soon as possible !

Nature will Retaliate and Recover !

Nature will Retaliate and Recover !

Yes that is more than Certain ! You don’t Care ! I don’t Care ! Bu Nature will take Care of herself and Recover her Lost Health even by Retaliating ! That’s it ! I is that Simple !

Don’t you Notice the Impacts all around !

Tornado, Storm, Lightning, Skyline, City, Building
Nature’s Fury ! Not Leaving Metropolis Now !

When will you Notice ! Before it is too Late !

Then Nature will take its toll and Spring back to her former condition !

So Beware and Take Measure !

The Doomsdays have Come !

Yes, these days, coupled with Covid-19, lightnings with Thunder is a New Threat for one and all, in the villages, suburban and metropolitan areas alike !

Death strikes in the form of high flash with deafening sounds of thunder. All on a sudden ! It was in the afternoon It was raining heavily. No sounds of thunder was there. Suddenly a huge sound with flash happened and the Inverter sounded alarm as it was struck and gone out of order !

Every time there is Dark cloud and rain we have to disconnect all the plugs off from TV, Water Purifier, Fridge, Desktops and Inverter and so on !

Environmentalists have agenda, the scientists have mandates not related to their research priorities.

Researchers and scientists are actually wage-earners !

There is absolutely lacking in research policies, which are made in AC rooms, totally unreal, futile, based on funding probabilities !

Populist policies steal the shows !

Tornedo in the Ganges !

Yes ! Tornedo over the Ganga river ! Unbelievable ! Unprecedented ! Unforeseen ! No words are enough to express Surprise, Fear, Astonishment ! Can not believe our own eyes ! The mobile-phone captured pictures went viral within an hour !

We could not believe that our Ma Ganga will look so dangerous ! We look to Ganga river for cool air ! But what a great blow to our age-old belief !

Oh My God ! Why this happened ! People got scary ! We just pray that people get awake to take corrective measures by raising, planting and protecting more and more trees which can make the climate cooler and prevent such event happening once again !

We generally see many tree saplings growing on the roadsides, the likes of banyan trees, neem trees and many shrubs, which should be protected to grow bigger ! Everyone should be encouraged and engaged to do this. If Nature is cool and happy we will also be cool and happy. Even unlimited wealth can’t be able to afford this to us !

Why Lightnings are So Fatal these days ?

Lightnings have become just as fatal these days ! Yesterday Twenty Two people have lost their lives . There was no storm . Dark clouds followed by heavy rain. With frequent lightnings and thunder !

Is there any relationship oh this with environmental pollution ? Or maybe lack of trees is leading to more deaths, although we do know that it is not safe to take shelter under the trees during lightning flashes !

Why the scientists and Governments are silent on these issues ! Researches should always address public issues !

What are the Root Causes of Tornedo & Super Cyclones ?

Rise in temperature is the root cause of Tornedo and Super Cyclones. Another important factor to gain speed is the lack of trees there !

Global warming is made the Rise in temperature possible. Lack of trees is actually a factor which acts as a cause of origin as well as a cause for making Tornedoes and Super Cyclones so strong !

Ocean Waves Crashing on Shore

Super Cyclones originate more frequently in even ‘off-seasons’ in the oceans because present global warming situation whereby the seawater gets hot more often ! They gain their speed on the ‘un-hindered’ sea surface.

Green Tree Under White Clouds
Cyclone ( Taloga , United States )

They become stronger when they do not find trees on their ways !

So immediate need is to plant tree on their ways !

Lightning and Tornado Hitting Village

Trees make the environment cooler, so tornedoes and cyclones are not born or born less. Trees prevents them become stronger. Even a child knows this !

But We have to Act Now or to Wait for More Disasters and Death !

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