Why Nature is So Furious !

The Nature has become Furious already. The clear indications are there for all of us to see and verify ! Nobody can deny this !


This year’s Summer is an clear sign. Last year Amphan also carried its lethal strike on this ominous May ! This year two supercyclone have already originated (Tauktae and Yaas ) threatened West Bengal. So two cyclones in a row in the peak Bengali Summer months of Baisakh and Jaistho already !

There are also other indications like cloudy sky, almost total absence of Nor ‘wester, cloudiness and rainfall around the day(s) this Summer of 2021!

Mother Nature is so furious because of the Torture her ‘offspring’ perpetrate on her throughout the year and years together !

Mom Nature actually cools down herself through these cyclones ! She has no way out ! The oceans try to stabilize extra temperature through these super cyclones !

If we do not take necessary measures Nature will be vociferous !

So let us plant trees, let us depend on alternative energy sources as fast as possible to save earth, to save humanity.

Apart from super cyclones, cloudburst, thunderstorms, landslides, other weather reverses and anomalies we are facing health problems unforeseen a few years back.

So Arise, Awake, Stop not till the Goal is Reached !

Let us focus more on Nature than internecine warfare !

Let us use technologies to the Benefit of Nature !

Let us use technologies not for War, but for Nature !


New Threats on the Ganges !

New threats are found to begin on the Ganga river quite unforeseen and unthinkable hence ! Watersprouts and Tornedoes have been found for the first time since time immemorial ?

This is a new indication that we are in a war path with the Nature ! Tornedoes have been found in other areas in recent times , lke in Bankura district (West Bengal, India) a couple of years ago. Now it has been found on the paddy field areas along a place named Asokenagar in North 24-Pgs district of West Bengal, India.

People wre panicked to see such new development. This happened during the Yaas Supercyclone times. The effect of Yaas was not so severe, but these new ominous things just happened, indicating that we ave entered a new era, where disasters are knocking at the doorsteps. And we are act now to get things on right track or face face more dangers !

Tornedo I Would Never Forget !

I won’t forget that Tornedo ! The devastating Tornedo ! It was so devastating that it carried off even the water, fishes and mud of a pond off its bottom and threw away to other places !

This is totally unwarranted and unthinkable to me ! I could not relate it to anything even in my wildest nightmare ! Because of its devastating form ! I did not see it with my own eyes as I was residing in the hostel for pursuing my Masters degree about 110 Km away.

Tornado, Sky, Corsican, Cloud, Cloudy Sky, Nature

The sound of the tornedo was as if an aeroplane was passing over the head ! A bullock cart was lifted away and left afar. It was in around 1988.

The tornedo very surprisingly originated from a forest area ( named Sangma ) and gained momentum in an open treeless meadow !

The open meadow measuring about several kilometers (length and breadth) is generally used to raise only winter paddy ! This open meadow is the place where the tornedo could gained momentum. This is the reason I wanted to suggest the farmers of the area to plant trees along the roadsides and the borders of their field plots. But they did not agree because they thought that trees grown along the field plot borders will hamper their paddy crop which is very important as their staple food crop.

The Last and Final Warnings !

The last and final warnings of Climate Change (CC) are here to see ! The Cyclone Yaas has no ‘Eye’ ! Lo ! Queer things are happening unthinkable just a few days ago !

Yaas : By NASA – Aqua MODIS – https://worldview.earthdata.nasa.gov/, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=105991403

Water sprouts and local Tornedo has made its first historic appearance along the Ganga river as found just yesterday creating new panic in the region !

This is a Hybrid Summer, so to Say !

This is a Hybrid Summer, so to Say ! This is because of the fact that this year the summer has no Nor ‘wester cyclones ( I won’t say that all as bad always ! ). The bouts of gusty wind with rainfall is happening even from the early morning ! Rainfall is being witnessed all through the day and night.

So these are not the special characteristics of a Summer as I have experienced from my childhood just half a century back !

Pure absence of Nor’ wester cyclones spanning over around an hour or two in the afternoon are all evident this summer. People of those days would generally keep indoor, cancel all their trips beyond their villages because of this reason that they would be in danger outside of their houses ! This is one positive side I must admit. Lot of disruptions and dangerous situation would be created for this .

For example, if one goes out of his house what will be the problems ? In the first place people generally avoid leaving their homes after 12.00 noon for some valid reasons. The atmosphere becomes gruelingly hot and stuffy and people don’t feel happy to go out, just after lunch. They are tempted to take rest and a snap with a full stomach.

Those who are wary enough, they complete their tasks before the Nor’ wester hours even with the scorching sun over their head , rather to face Nor’ wester outside their ‘secured’ houses . People have learned from their experiences. A lot of people have faced problems in such situations as stated above. A lot have faced hailstorms, a quite few others have been thunder-struck and faced death !

So I won’t say Nor’ wester as a good phenomenon always. But the weather would cool down drastically after the Nor ‘wester and it would be cooler for a couple of days after.

Why Don’t Scientists Focus on Controlling Super Cyclones ?

Why Don’t Scientists Focus on Controlling Super Cyclones ?

This is rather astonishing that Scientists just don’t focus on controlling super cyclones ! Super Cyclones are so daunting and devastating ! They damages crops, man and livestock, vegetation, habitats to a great extent.

Cyclone Yash likely to bring heavy rainfall to South Bengal, landfall on May 24, says IMD

Tropical cyclones are very common around Bay of Bengal , while some of them can be super cyclones.

We know Amphan is a Super Cyclone. We know how it devastated the Sundarbans and adjoining Bengal ! We know super cyclones are very common today !

The bottom line is that why the scientists will not try to ‘diffuse’ and ‘control’ super cyclones ?

We can develop missiles for warfare only. We utilize satellites to forecast cyclones and super cyclones. Why we do not use missiles to diffuse the ‘eye’ of the super cyclones ! Many counties have prepared for ‘Star Wars’ and occupying land in Mars. So why can’t we think of controlling the super cyclones ! Technologies are there, what we require is ‘attitude’. Am I wrong ?

Why Super Cyclones in Summer ? Unprecedented….

Why Super Cyclones in Summer ? Unprecedented….

Super Cyclones have become the go of the day ! Happening around the year ! Forty to Fifty years back Super Cyclones had been common in the monsoon-ending period, in the month of Ashwin (September-October), known as ashwiner jhor (Storms of Ashwin).

We were very familiar with Ashwiner Jhor in our childhood. It would take place before the Puja festivals in West Bengal. It would happen when the paddy plants would be in their productive stages. The tall indigenous paddy varieties would lodge down and the fields would be inundated. Ashwiner Jhor had been like Super Cycles as we see today. It would span over 2-3 days at a stretch and be devastating ! Damages to paddy crop could be highly catastrophic !

How Tauktae continues the trend of unpredictable cyclones on the North Indian Ocean. Photo: Parthasarathi Rout/Twitter
A storm-battered street in Goa during Cyclone Tauktae’s rampage. Photo: Parthasarathi Rout/Twitter

Low Pressure in Summer ?

Low pressure in Summer ?

Low pressure in Summer here in West Bengal, India is a very clear and definite indicator of climate change ! I have never ever seen from my childhood such climate in summer ! Total absence of Nor’ wester this year (2021) ! You know the characteristics of Nor ‘wester that have been already mentioned in my earlier writings. This year there is total absence of Nor ‘wester in the sense that it is not happening after 12 in the noon !

Cyclone Tauktae Latest Status c

Skymet Weather Team

Already there has been a couple of low pressure symptoms shown in Bengal basin areas. And recently cyclone Tauktae is destined to raging over Gujarat !

And again I say this is highly unlikely ! I say this on record ! Meterologist are there to judge this. What is strikingly remarkable is that the fresh memories of super cyclone Amphan has not yet faded !

We the Human Beings are not Responsible Enough !

We the Human Beings are not Responsible Enough !

As human species we cannot boast ourselves as responsible even as the lesser animals ! We do not Finish / Complete any Task ! If this was ‘Untrue’ the situation on our Earth could certainly be better !

Take the instance of Plastic Recycling ! We have made this Earth just a Garbage Centre. We are producing plastic products like plastic bags, coverings etc. for packaging purposes.

Photo of a Woman Standing on a Pile of Garbage Near Trees

But we just throw away the uses bags and packets on the open places. Yes these used-up materials are collected by the civic authorities. But still find so much of those just everywhere.

Photo of Landfill

To be more specific plastic left-outs are a big problem today which have become omnipresent ! Just the other day one school teacher has advised students to stay away from eating fishes as fishes have been reported to contain plastic residues in their bodies !

Just Think. We have allowed our problem to grow out to this proportion ! Microplastics are everywhere, because we are not processing plastic garbage properly. They are allowed to be dumped for days together, rot, carried away to water bodies, rivers, oceans and even set to fire to emit obnoxious smokes !

Black and white of young confident woman with cellophane wrap on face while looking at camera

They are mixed up with water, air and soil, polluting and contaminating the ecology ! And we are just silent spectators.

White Plastic Pack on Brown Sand

Now see how irresponsible we are just ! We don not recycle the plastic garbage properly and just ‘suffocating’ us !

But we have to Fight it out ! This is our Do-or-Die situation !

Everything has Changed But Our Mindset hasn’t !

Everything has Changed But Our Mindset hasn’t !

This is absolutely True ! Nature is always ‘Sustainable’. That means Nature Changes ‘Slowly’ ! I don’t say that Nature does not Change. Yes it Does. It Changes over a long period of time where the factors of changes are not as Sudden ! This can be Termed as ‘Evolution’ (Charles Darwin).

But today the ‘Factors’ has changed drastically because of human activities !

small house surrounded by coniferous trees growing on slope

What Humans have Done ?

Humans have given a ‘Jolt’ to Nature ! They have decreased the forest areas within a very short span of time through deforestation. Modernization has given birth to numerous man-made synthetic chemicals in factories and industries and applying them in farmland with drastic effects! There are a lot of controversies as per this issue. Searching Google by the Keywords “man-made chemicals” I found the initial primary results which are against my viewpoint.

But when I search by the words “hazards of agro-chemicals” I got the results what I intended to deal with here.



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